Houdinis Trujillo
Photo of Realtor Houdinis Trujillo
Office: 727-771-8880
Mobile: 704-608-5724
Fax: 727-771-8716
Real Estate requires a serious approach, as well as financial, and analytical skills. Houdinis provides over 20 years of real estate investing and over 15 years finance experience. He works with Team Zusman because they continually innovate: latest Social Media technologies, thorough comparative market analysis on properties, creative contract negotiations, and all for client’s best needs. Houdinis is a New York City born Veteran whose work experience extends from hardware Engineer for IBM, Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies in New Jersey; to France-based software engineer in Charlotte, N.C. After 9/11, Houdinis' life focus changed. He began renovating and investing in real estate for the cashflow and became a loan officer to understand finance flow and free up time to exercise so he could volunteer into the US ARMY Finance Corp. and was deployed in the Middle East: OIF, OEF, OND. Proud To Serve. If you are interested in real estate, contact me at MyREVet@gmail.com and at (704)608-5724.