Paul Duquette
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Originally from the beautiful State of Maine, I have moved to the land of endless summer and sunshine. Married for 28 years and a father of 3 (a boy and 2 girls). I started my career with enlistment in the US Air Force after graduating high school, where I obtained education in Electronic Systems Technology. I was awarded many certificates in leadership and excellence during my tenure with the Air Force and separated with an Honorable discharge. I followed my enlistment with one six year commitment with the Air National Guard. As a civilian, I wished to use my Electronics education for employment in my home State of Maine. This led me to work as a Marine Electrician at Bath Iron Works in Bath Maine, where I used my skills to build America's finest Naval Destroyers. I remained in that employment for approximately 15 years. During that vacation, I got married and created and raised 3 beautiful children. During those same years, my wife and I created P&K Country Kennels, where we bred Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. We operated this business for 20 years and sold 1000's of puppies to those in need of that special love that only a dog can give. Our quality was excellent, and the State used our facility as a STANDARD to create laws affecting all other kennels. Our sales were incredible through all those years and afforded our family with just that little extra needed for family vacations, etc. I left the Shipyard after suffering a debilitating injury that almost widowed my wife. After many surgeries and 2 years of recovery, I was back on my feet. I was told that I was permanently disabled which I vehemently refused. I would not allow my children to see me go down without a fight. I chose instead to return to college and seek a new vocation, since I could not return to the one I left. I chose to seek an education in Cardio-Vascular Technology and help others. I graduated in the top of my class (#2), and achieved registry as a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer. I accumulated 2 Associate Degrees and a Bachelor's Degree during that time. For 15 years I have served "customers in need" in the medical industry. Wherever I have chosen to work, I grew the practice and would eventually be the Supervisor. Alas, Maine winters are long and cold. My wife and I bought a Condo in Tarpon Springs 2 years ago and decided that winters would now be spent here in Florida. It has been so wonderful that a permanent move is in order. I did not wish to continue in medicine where-as changes are making that vocation difficult. I was offered the opportunity to seek something else. I have always wanted to embark in Real Estate, so "voilla", my new journey begins. Happiness is now putting people in the homes of their dreams. Paul Duquette